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2022-23 Season Information - UPDATED October 11th

Well we are a few days away to the start of promises to be an exciting 2022-23 curling season!!  May the COVID gods stay far away!!


As you  know, all of the Tuesday draws (2:30pm, 5:15pm, 6:45pm and 8:15pm) draws are full.  We just had one team withdraw from the Wednesday 2:30pm draw bringing to 8 teams.   This means THERE WILL BE NO BYES ON THE WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON DRAW. The schedule has been updated.


All league participants were sent the updated roster document which includes everyone's email.





  • The schedule for October 18/19 is posted on the website and can be found for each draw under the “Division Schedule” tab.  Game 1 was determined by a computer generated random draw [p.s. you can’t say its fixed as my team drew the 5th Event lol]…the up and down movement in the ladder is based on wins/losses and is so indicated in the schedule.  Series 1 ends December 20th/21st.  Series 2 starts January 10th/11th and game 1 for series 2 will also be randomly generated by the computer.


  • Please advise me via text at 905-536-8960 or email at spouellet@yahoo.ca of the game winner.  I do not need the score just W/L!!


  • For series 1 and 2, you always play at your assigned day and time. As previously indicated Doublesmania II will start on March 21st and end with finals at 4:30pm on Saturday April 22nd.  All 48 teams are entered as part of your $25/curler entry fee.  PLEASE NOTE that during the bonspiel phase of the season you will play at DIFFERENT DAYS AND TIMES.  More details will be provided early in 2023.   Teams will be given a window to withdraw from Doublesmania II but YOU WILL NOT get your league entry fee back.




  • General information on how the was/is structured can be found under the “Instruction” tab.  It is basically a ladder/title league where the first event game in each division vie for the “Championship Belt” where the winners will Bask in glory for one week with their winning pictures displayed in the following week’s schedule.   It is also added to the “Hall of Fame” tab where it will reside forever J.   We will be adding a Doublesmania section where our champions/event winners and runners-up can also live in prosperity!!




  • There are no make-up games.  So if one or two you cannot make your game, please FIND A SPARE(S).  There are NO restrictions on who can spare other than you have to be a Dundas Valley curling member.  In the attached roster there are individuals that only want to spare so make use of them.  Also, you can use league members who play at other times.


  • The email of all team members and spares are in the attached document so keep it handy and use it to find spares.




  • Also found under the “Instruction” tab are the rules of doubles curling, basically taken from Curling Canada with the following modification:


    • It is an “Open” Doubles league as opposed to Mixed Doubles so any combination goes.
    • We have a time limit.  The clock will be set for 1h10m and when the buzzer goes you finish the end you are in and the game is over.  The only exception is if you are tied then you throw one rock with sweeping by the delivering team only.  The closest to the button wins.  Note that the winning rock must touch the rings.  If still tied the player who has not thrown the first tiebreaking rock must throw the second one.  If still tied you flip a coin.



 I realize that the way Curling Canada explains the Modified Free Guard Zone or 5-rock rule for Doubles play may be confusing so I will try to simplify it. 

In essence, NO ROCKS WHETHER INSIDE OR OUTSIDE THE HOUSE CAN BE HIT OUT OF PLAY until 5 rocks are in play i.e. the two pre-positioned rocks and 3 thrown rocks (combined between the teams).  Once the 3rd thrown rock comes to rest, then teams can start hitting rocks out of play.  Note that the first 3 thrown rocks can move rocks around, they just cannot take a rock out of play.  Also note that if one of the 3 thrown rocks goes through the house, is hogged or touches the sidelines, they are considered  a thrown rock even though they are not in play.


Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th/19th.

Posted on 2022-10-07

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