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"To be 'The Man', you gotta beat 'The Man'" - Ric Flair, Doubles Curling Legend

Rumble Division Slams the Door on Off-Ice Competition

The Rumble Division has slammed the door on the competition winning our "Team Naming" competition hitting the 100% completion mark. Congratulations!!!! Hats off to the Thunder Division with a 70% completion rate (7 of 10 teams) while the Challenger division finished a distant 3rd at 40%. Booooo! As promised, I will begin naming teams myself next week starting with the Challenger division so you may want to come up with something very quickly!

Posted on 2019-11-05

Spare Reminder

Throughout the season there is probably a good chance that a team or a team member will not be available to play as scheduled. This is understandable, but in fairness to all teams it is important that you arrange for a spare(s) so that your scheduled opposition can still have a game. With a large waiting list of curlers who would like to participate, finding a spare shouldn't be a major challenge. You are also free to ask any other member of the club to fill in for your team as scheduled. Thanks for your cooperation. 

Posted on 2019-10-23

1st Session Schedule

I had a couple of questions this week as to our fall schedule so for the benefit of all I thought I'd do a quick summary.  Our fall season is comprised of 10 games starting 15 October and ending 7 January. There is no curling scheduled for 17, 24, or 31 December although the ice will be available on the 17th if you are interested in a "pick-up" game. Our winter schedule will start on 21 January after the Hamilton District Week. 

Posted on 2019-10-23

DV Doubles League Contacts
League Commissioner

Mike Blonski

*The League Commissioner is the primary contact for all league related questions.

General Managers

Thunder Division:
John Hyslop

Challenger Division:
George Styles

Rumble Division:
Kris Blonski