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Doublesmania I and League Update

Good afternoon all,


The entries are now closed for Doublesmania !.  28 teams have entered and will be vying for the Club’s inaugural Doubles Club Champions.  A sincere thank you for your support for this inaugural venture.


With 28 entries the Bonspiel will start TUESDAY APRIL 19TH.


The ladder league play will conclude on TUESDAY APRIL 12TH.  For those not moving on to the Bonspiel, thank you for your support during this past season and we look forward to your participation in the 2022-23 season!!




Please view these 3 documents:  

For some teams I only had the email address for one member so make sure to advise your teammate of your game time.


Also, due to the number of entries, 4 BYES are needed in the Main Event as well as in the Second Event.


The four (4) teams amongst the entrants with the highest number of belts won during the season are getting the BYES in the Main/First Event.  They are Teams Just/Lamb, Matheson/Scott, Reid the Line and Legion of Doom. Congratulations to all!   The first game for these 4 teams is on Friday April 22nd while the remaining 24 teams play on Tuesday April 19th.


The losing team of the Main/First Event games 1, 4, 7 and 12 move on to the Second Event and get the BYE in their first game in the Second Event.  These teams will not play Friday night and their next game will be Saturday morning.  Please check the draw for your game time.


All teams make it to Saturday BUT once you lose on Saturday you are eliminated except for the Main/First Event semi final losers will play in the Main/First Event Consolation Final.


The Finals for all Events will be Saturday at 4:30pm and Dinner will follow at 7pm.


Good curling!!


Simon and Betty

Posted on 2022-04-04

DV Doubles League Contacts
League Commissioner

Simon Ouellet and Betty Calic

*The League Commissioner is the primary contact for all league related questions.